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Drums, baskets, storage boxes, compost bins … a complete range for your harvests and the conservation of fruit and vegetables.

The range consists of two “Fût’é” barrels, collection baskets, Wood’Boxes and a special compost bin.

The 100% sealed “Fût’é” barrels are perfect for storing, protecting, preserving and transporting your food.
The 13 and 18L collection baskets are equipped with a handle to facilitate the collection and transport of fruit and vegetables.
The Wood’box crates, with a wooden decor, have vents between each slat for ventilated storage, ideal for preserving fruit and vegetables.
The compost bin is a small bucket that collects your kitchen waste to create compost. It is equipped with a handle for easy transportation and to keep the lid up. Its airtight seal prevents any odours from escaping.

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