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A complete range of collection and snow removal shovels to meet all needs

Snow removal shovels allow you to remove the snow from your patio or driveway. Practical, solid and light, the shovels are either in plastic or aluminium and their handle can be made of aluminum or wood (see technical information below)

The snow shovel with telescopic handle is suitable for everyone who uses it. Thanks to its variable telescopic handle from 73 to 98 cm, it is possible to adjust it to the user’s height: practical and design.

The aluminum shovel with wooden handle and plastic handle allows you to perform various tasks Its wooden handle and its grip guarantee you a good grip and resistance: practical, solid and light.

Plastic shovel with an aluminium reinforcement

Snow shovel, telescopic handle

Aluminium reinforcement

Telescopic handle

Colection and snow removal shovels

Wooden handle

Aluminium reinforcement

Wooden handle

Aluminium shovel

Aluminium shovel

Wooden handle, plastic handle

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